Nuturing ‘core’ & ’flex’ values in cultural intelligence

We live in an age where the world is getting smaller and more interconnected but much more complex. Our external envionment is changing rapidly and all the challenges we see today will require international collaboration to solve.

But how well do we understand the cultures around the world that we need to work with to bring international projects (such as ‘saving the environment’) to fruition? Trans-disciplinary approaches to solving problems of humanity also requiring breaking down ‘silo’ thinking and bridging to be effective.

Many of us look around the world and wonder at the problems we see. This is mostly the result of a failure to communicate, misinterpretation and misunderstanding, particularly across cultural divides (national, regional, ethnic, organizational, functional, religious, generational). There needs to be a desire and willingness to do things differently. Leaders need to manage this complexity and be prepared to articulate the issues in a way that brings people together and makes progress.

Group discussion + some theoretical input

I would sensitize audiences to the critical differences of cultural dimensions that exist around the world (10 of them) that would hamper effective international cooperation if not taken into account. In the process, I would help participants to take a good look at their own culture as a starting point, do interactive exercises to discover their own core values and ability to flex this core when crossing cultures.

The constantly shifting interplay of the boundary between core and flex is what constitutes cultural intelligence (more than IQ or EQ), the additional skillset to help us interact successfully and thrive in multiple cultures. We will talk about how this boundary shifts through intercultural encounters over time as we grow our cultural intelligence, tighten our core values and develop flexibility in adapting to cultural differences.

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