Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is increasingly important in our daily lives whether at work, play or in our community at large as our workplace becomes increasingly multicultural (even if we don’t leave home), as we work with members of an international project team and as Switzerland continues to receive migrants and proceeds to integrate them into Swiss Society.

The majority of migrants come from societies that are highly collectivist in nature with high power distance dimensions in contrast to Swiss or European society which is highly individualistic and with a low-power distance dimension. This leaves plenty of room for conflicts and misunderstandings and the need to bridge contrasting communication styles and build harmony.

Workshop Details

Did you know that there are 10 major cultural dimensions around the world that distinguish 70% of the world’s societies from Western European & North American cultures?

Ten Dimensions of cultural values

  1. Authority: Low vs High Power Distance
  2. Risk: Low vs High Uncertainty Avoidance
  3. Achievement: Cooperative vs Competitive
  4. Identity: Individualist vs Collectivist
  5. Time: Punctuality vs Relationships
  6. Communication: Direct vs Indirect
  7. Lifestyle: Being vs Doing
  8. Rules: Particularist vs Universalist
  9. Expressiveness: Neutral vs Affective
  10. Social Norms: Tight vs Loose

Many businesses in the 21st Century are complex global organizations with employees travelling around the world in pursuit of their organizational objectives. International business travel, overseas assignments both long and short term, as well as video conferencing with colleagues and business partners around the world are the norm for many business people.  Often, these individuals find themselves facing miscommunications with counterparts from other cultures that go beyond simple verbal misunderstandings and hit at the very heart of cultural differences.

The ability to integrate cultural intelligence in global leadership roles will be the defining criteria for being successful in international endeavours.

Who will benefit from the workshop?

  • anyone travelling internationally on a regular basis
  • business owners selling products/services abroad
  • business owners sourcing supplies from abroad
  • managers; team leaders & team members of a non-collocated diverse team
  • anyone interested in broadening cultural insights about the rest of the world

Rooted in scholarly research and brought to life through highly practical exercises, case studies and stories, you will take the first step towards acquiring cultural intelligence – self awareness and cultural understanding. With plenty of audience interaction, we will follow up with a discussion on bridging strategies:

Come prepared for fun and bring your thinking caps along as you mull over the puzzles and mysteries of cross-cultural interactions that are sometimes interesting, even funny but often times downright disastrous …..

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