Develop effective tools to manage time and priorities to prevent overcharging

Many companies operate in constant urgency climate. Everything is urgent and therefore a priority.Employees are constantly in a reactive "working mode". This way to work is generating a high stress that can have a very bad influence on the social climate of the company.

Priorities management and deadlines control are essential skills for efficiency and personal success.

This seminar is devoted to time management. It gives techniques allowing to identify real priorities, manage stress and make proper planning of tasks.

Target audience

Anyone facing professional stress and/or work overload (potential or existing), regardless of the position occupied.


  • To relativize the notion of urgency and to sort through all that is cataloged as urgent
  • Identify the real priorities
  • Effectively plan time, keeping empty beaches for contingencies
  • Identify stressors and apply pratical recommendations
  • Completing a pending request, scheduling the appropriate time to treat it
  • Take stock of his own techniques of work organization in terms of definition and management priorities


  • Identify and reduce sources of stress
  • Analyze the main sources of work pressure: 4 major causes of social climate deterioration
  • Discover and apply the 8 golden rules regarding time management and the  5 individualized techniques of working time organization
  • Develop the necessary skills and allocate the right resources to understand assignments or lead a small team with more serenity
  • Balancing private and professional life, control his personal anxiety factors
  • Manage workload by prioritizing its specifications in terms of priorities and identifying interruptions and major chores

Transfer on the field - At the end of the training the participant will be able to:

  • Decrease the phases of time waisting between one task and the next one
  • Know how to say "no" in order to avoid abusive interruptions
  • Clearly define a priority management policy with the collaborators as well as some time slots during wich interruptions are allowed
  • Organize their agenda and their planning in order to reduce stress and pressure

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