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Developing People Internationally

Intercultural awareness and competence is no longer just a nice skill to have. It’s a matter of business life and death!  Technical know-how alone will not get work out the door if your team members are bogged down in frustration and conflicts due to lack of understanding and inability to bond.



The Developing People Internationally (DPI) tool helps multicultural teams effectively

  • navigate misunderstandings and destructive conflicts that can derail high-performing team work
  • get to grips with cultural elements such as:
    • demonstrating respect for others
    • adapting to different styles of communication
    • staying open to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • enhance team productivity and deliver better customer service

Course description:

Based around nine critical incidents in the life of an international project team, this course supports professionals working internationally to manage the nine core challenges of leading, managing and maintaining high performing teams within a multicultural context.


By the end of the course, participants will develop the right mindset to manage diverse group and project team contexts as well as be able to build communication strategies for success to navigate the nine core project team challenges of:

  • Building team understanding and relationships
  • Creating a clear sense of direction
  • Establishing an effective team structure and organization
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Providing the right levels of team support
  • Implementing a team feedback culture
  • Representing the team internally and externally
  • Managing conflict
  • Finding synergies in diverse approaches within the team

Participants will gain ideas, tips and strategies to help build solid relationships and accountability, so as to deliver high performance.


  • Workshop
  • Theoretical lecture input
  • Audio/video resources
  • Interactive discussions
  • Stimulating role plays
  • Illustrative case study with critical incidents

Target audience:

Managers, team leaders and professionals who work in international (project) teams that are collocated or virtual, or who do business with overseas customers, suppliers or partners

Number of participants: 12-14


Client can choose the modules they need. Each module can be covered in 2-3 hours, so about 2-3 modules can be delivered in one day, depending on the depth desired. Doing all 9 modules will take about 3 days.


English, preferably B2/C1 level of proficiency (European Common Framework)


Christina Kwok

  • Master of Science, Geological Sciences
  • Master of Business Administration, International Management
  • Certified Developing People Internationally (DPI) trainer
  • Certified Team Management Profile (TMP) trainer, TMSDI
  • Certified executive coach for Stakeholder-Centered Coaching (SCC) and Global Leader of the Future (GLOF), Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coaching
  • Owner & Managing Director, Cross-Cultural Synergies

Trainer profile:

Christina was born and raised in a culturally diverse environment (Malaysia) and completed university studies in the US amidst a large campus population of foreign students from around the world. This lifelong intercultural immersion has helped her to consolidate and contextualize essential learning points about communicating effectively with people from diverse cultures.

Corporate and organizational experience at three multinationals (Esso, Zurich Insurance, Holcim) has further helped to hone the skills and knowledge necessary for helping professionals working on global teams to exercise appropriate leadership strategies and employ suitable conflict resolution mechanisms to turn differences into assets rather than hurdles. Specializing in intercultural training and international teambuilding, she helps export-oriented companies to forge more inclusive workplaces and improve attitudes towards collaboration.

She is an accredited member of the Developing People Internationally (DPI) network from York Associates as well as the Team Management Profile (TMP) from TMSDI, York. She also recently received certification for the Stakeholder-Centered Coaching (SCC) and Global Leader of the Future (GLOF), a complete toolkit for delivering high impact executive leadership coaching from Marshall Goldsmith, World’s # 1 Leadership Thinker.

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