Greg Gonciarz

Timezone: Europe/Paris
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How to setup your Start-up Web Project

A very useful course and great trainer.
- Petros Petretzikis, 28 October 2016

Slicing Pie principles

I found the course very informative and practical. I have a good grasp of slicing pie...
- James Ankobia, 28 October 2016

Courses offered by Greg Gonciarz

Course rating10

How to setup your Start-up Web Project

If you are a start-up team and wonder how to setup your web related work. You got to the right place. At this session you will learn the following things: how to setup a web project right from the start how to collect requirements and design user stories how to track development progress in a structured way how to document what was done The course...

Course rating9

Slicing Pie principles

If you plan to found a Start-up you probably wonder how to split the quity between the partners and investors involved.  On this shot online session you will learn how to do it in a honest and transparent way, reducing the usial tensions to almost zero.

Course rating-

How to run a department or a company remotely in the cloud

At this course you will have an unique opportunity to learn from my experiences on how to create and run a company or a department of an existing enterprise remotely in the cloud.  The training is based on experiences I gathered while running a distributed web agency, which since a few years has already delivered around 50 web and digital...