Greg Gonciarz

Timezone: Europe/Paris
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How to setup your Start-up Web Project

A very useful course and great trainer.
- Petros Petretzikis, 28 October 2016

Slicing Pie principles

I found the course very informative and practical. I have a good grasp of slicing pie...
- James Ankobia, 28 October 2016

Courses offered by Greg Gonciarz

Course rating10

How to setup your Start-up Web Project

If you are a start-up team and wonder how to setup your web related work. You got to the right place. At this session you will learn the following things: how to setup a web project right from the start how to collect requirements and design user stories how to track development progress in a structured way how to document what was done The course...

Course rating9

Slicing Pie principles

If you plan to found a Start-up you probably wonder how to split the quity between the partners and investors involved.  On this shot online session you will learn how to do it in a honest and transparent way, reducing the usial tensions to almost zero.

Course rating-

How to manage multiple Agile project at the same time in a web agency

You work for a web agency or a software shop and have issues with structuring your daily work with the team having multiple projects at once?  On this session you will lear how we do things at our web agency ( with team of 25 poeple working on multiple peoject for different clients and products at the same) How do we structure our teams How...