Christina Kwok

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Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Although I am Irish (individualistic), there are lots of collectivist subcultures in my...
- Áine Ni Mhuiris, 11 April 2016

Leading with Cultural Intelligence

We explored 2 out of 10 dimensions in the workshop. Would love to know about the other...
- I M, 11 April 2016

Leading with Cultural Intelligence

I really enjoyed the topic of Leading with Cultural Intelligence, presented by Christina...
- Audrey Sourroubille Arnold, 12 April 2016

Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Christina is a well rounded person, who sprinkles her talks with humor and lots of...
- Manuel Gomez, 12 April 2016

Courses offered by Christina Kwok

Course rating9.5

Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Leading with Cultural Intelligence Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is increasingly important in our daily lives whether at work, play or in our community at large as our workplace becomes increasingly multicultural (even if we don’t leave home), as we work with members of an international project team and as Switzerland continues to receive migrants...

Course rating9

Unlock Your International Team's Potential

Unlock your  team’s untapped potential with  Developing People Internationally Intercultural awareness and competence is no longer just a nice skill to have. It’s a matter of business life and death!  Technical know-how alone will not get work out the door if your team members are bogged down in frustration and conflicts due to lack of...

Course rating8

Core & Flex values in Cultural Intelligence

Nuturing ‘core’ & ’flex’ values in cultural intelligence We live in an age where the world is getting smaller and more interconnected but much more complex. Our external envionment is changing rapidly and all the challenges we see today will require international collaboration to solve. But how well do we understand the cultures around the...